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First Fiesta Junior Race


Daniels Motorsport getting JJ`s car ready

Difficult Weather conditions for the Fiesta Debut

  James drove well all weekend. He had a lot of pressure on him as he had no testing in his Fiesta this year. He done a good job and brought the car home in one piece and finished both races in the points.                                                                                   Qualifying was tricky damp track made it hard to get a good time but put it 4th on grid.                                                  Race 1. JJ had a good start, and was up to third. It had rained just before the start of the race  and so the track was very slippery, 2 car went off on the 1st lap. JJ managed to get up to second but then had a 1/2 spin while going for the lead which drop him back to 4th. With great car control in the spin and good racing he got back to finish 3rd

Race 2 : Damp but drying track. was going to go with slick but decided to go on wets for safety. Another good start and up to 2nd, tyres started to go off and car developed bad understeer, JJ slid wide on a couple of corners and received a 5 second penalty but still managed to take 4th and 4th in championship.

Big thank you to Daniels Motorsport.  for all there hard work. Jo & Nick from . Peter from  (Bardahl Oils) for their support. Great to see them at the track.

Second Race Silverstone Saxmax

 James raced at Silverstone over the weekend of 31 March and 1 April

This was james`s second ever car race and 1st circuit race. The car ( Citroen Saxo VTR ) was from Paul and Zoey Wenham and run by Centruy Motorsport.

2 race format 1st race James started from 4th on grid. james got agood start and was up to 3rd. Guy Wenham spun at Becketts and James went to 2nd but James Webb in last years championship winning car nipped pass and now james was 3rd. A close fought race James got pass James with a good move into Beckett corner to finish second.


British Touring Car Drive for Championship Winner

The winner of The Fiesta Junior Championship will have the chance to drive the Motorbase Ford Focus Touring race car and to be part of the Team learning how the professional BTCC Team operates and will gain expert advice and experience.


James to Race Fiestas

31 January 2012     James in now a Racing Member of The British Racing & Sports Car Club ( BRSCC ) and has registered with Ford Racing UK for the Ford Fiesta Junior Championship. Car Number 4 .

James decided to join the Fiestas after testing both Fiesta and Saxo`s. He did not test the Junior Ginetta as the car is rear wheel drive and didn’t want to change his driving style.


James went to Saxmax Live

22/01/2012  Last Sunday. James went to Saxmax Live. He tested a Citroen Saxo Junior Race Car at North Weald Airfield. It was a cold, windy but dry and bright day. The 750 motor club put on a good disply of saxo`s, they had made small circuit on the airfield and had about 12 youngsters to have a drive. James was up to speed by the second session and impressed the organisers.

Ford Fiesta Junior Championship

Ford Fiesta Junior Championship is a new series for 2012  for youngsters aged between 14 and 16 years old.

The youngsters have to take the Racing ARDS test (they can do this at the age of 13 and a half ) and be a menber of the BRSCC car club

Ford Racing uk  is the coordinator and in charge of  registration.

There are teams building new cars for this champioship and will offer different options to suit drivers ( Buy or Rent )

Wednesday Febuary 8th Their will be a test day for the Fiesta Juniors at Castle Combe Circuit.  20 minutes for £150.00 to book a place contact and can arrange the ARDS test also on the same day.

James in 2011

In 2011 James took part in 2 demo races for the Brscc and Ford Racing UK

Watch James Race on TV

Watch James Race on TV
The race series for 2011 will be two races at each venue, each race will be televised by MOTORS TV – Sky Sports and National TV, also press cover-age- Motorsport News, Autosport, Ford Magazines and other publications. We will also contact local TV and Press as these young racers are certainly the Stars of Tomorrow and you can be part of this amazing story.

Help for Heroes

The Army Benevolent Fund and Help for Heroes

James will also be helping raise money for two charities – The Army Benevolent Fund and Help for Heroes. This will be in the form of a fund raising event like a sponsored walk or run nearer the time. This will also attract good publicity.

He is also supporting 18 (B) Squadron Chinooks who said they would help James in anyway they can – this could be interesting. So come and join James,  and the rest of the guys and be part of history in the making, and benefit from advertising your business/ company.