Rallycross Round 1 2013

Round 1 of The British Rallycross at Lydden Hill, Kent.    Weather conditions were awful,wet, cold freezing.

Well it didn’t go as planed for the juniors, only 3 cars made the grid out of 5. Charlie Bean (GBR) son of CJB Motorsprot boss, Kevin Hansen (SEW) son of 14 times European Champion Keith Hansen. JJ Ross (GBR) Circuit Racing Driver. JJ will have his work cut out to beat these guys, both have their own Rallycross cars and have done hours of testing and had professional tuition as well as the benefit of having the car set up to there liking.

JJ arrived at the circuit on Saturday Morning at 8.45 am, He had to sign on. Get the car scrutineered. Drivers briefing, and out on the track for free practice at 10.00am

Firstly the team had to adjust the seat which is bolted in its position. Not a quick job. Seat done, JJ went out for practice. Not good, car was undriveable. seat still needed to be adjusted, suspension had not been set up, brakes didn’t work. steering wheel to close. But the car looked good and shinny.

The Team worked hard and got the seat adjusted and a basic suspension set up.  Out for Heat 1. JJ had to fight with the car to get a lap in. the brakes weren`t working properly and JJ spun but with his driving skill managed to keep the car from hitting the wall, so the car still look good and shinny.

Fish tail

Car sideway on circuit at hairpin


Back to the team, back to work, stripping, then adjusting the brakes, bedding in the front pads, done. Out for Heat 2, well a bit better, still needed more suspension improvements and brakes still not right. This was the end of day one. JJ wasn’t very happy with day one, it had been a very cold, wet, difficult day and the car was still not right.


Day two put a different steering wheel on. Re-bedded the brakes in. Out for Heat 3. Car seamed to be going better, still not braking properly and handling needed more attention, plus to add to JJ`s misery a puncture on the  front left tyre.

Big slide

Big slide. Well Held JJ


More work for the team,. Tyre fixed, suspension tweaked, brakes couldn’t adjust any more it was time for the final. Time had run out, JJ had to put up with what he had, The car still needed more work to bring it up to a competitive level. JJ finished second in the race but was rewarded for all his driving skill and perseverance,  and his mature knowledge in making the necessary car adjustments to get nearer to a competitive level, by achieving the fastest lap of the weekend. Good jod. A hard day at the office.



MSA Monster British Rallycross Round 1 at Lydden Hill will show on Channel 4 – 30th March – 7am  & repeated early hours of 3rd April Motors TV UK 27th March 2013 21:00:00 28th March 2013 04:37:00