2013 Round 2 Snetterton


JJ having not tested or raced at snetterton 300 circuit since last year and it was wet conditions

On 15 minute  free practice,  JJ managed to achieve fastest lap, some  0.973  seconds ahead of some of the other Juniors that had been testing last week which would have given them an advantage


Saturday pm was qualifying JJ got pole by 1.167 seconds. He was happy with pole and the extra championship point but not happy that he was slower than his first run. Qualifying saw a 2.21.987

Lap and free practice was 2.21.828, a difference of 0.00.158


9.35 am on Sunday was Race 1. JJ on pole. Too much wheel spin and he was side by side into the first corner, a slight tap from behind JJ was sideways round the first corner but with his car control managed to keep it together and stay in the lead. JJ sat down on Saturday and watched the in car footage from that day and worked out how he could achieve a better lap time. Well it worked he put up the fastest lap with a 2.21.055, some 2.042 seconds faster than his closes rivals and .773 seconds faster than JJ had done.This gave JJ the race win by 26.410 seconds ahead. JJ slowest lap after avoiding debris on the track was still quick 2. 23.056 . The fastest lap from the other juniors was a 2.23.097. This was truly a very impressive performance by a 15 year old.


15.51 Race 2, JJ on pole, a good start and JJ was off in the lead by lap 1. JJ was 2.078 second in front

on lap 2.Then the front left disc brake and hub broke leaving JJ with no brakes and the wheel hanging on by a thread. JJ still managed to keep control and managed to drive the car back to the pit garages a lap later, amazing bravery and skilful driving. The team went to work to fix the car, but the race was stopped on lap 5 and JJ wasn`t allowed to continue. Unfortunately JJ race over. JJ was gutted but he did manage to get fastest lap and the championship point that goes with it on the second and only lap he did, Incredible. JJ also walks away with new Lap Record.

JJ is still leading the championship. Championship is total with 2 drop lowest scores so JJ is 12 points ahead

Driver Car No Race1 pole fast Race2 pole fast Race3 Pole Fast Race4 pole Fast Total Drop
Hussain 1 10 11 X 13 34 24
Ross 4 16 1 1 16 1 1 16 1 1 X 1 1 56 40
Skriczka 8 11 10 X 16 37 27
Cox 11 12 14 X 14 40 28
Collingbourne 13 13 12 14 11 50 27
Higgs 34 X X X 12 12 12
Reed 51 14 13 X X 27 27
Wilcox 88 X X X X X X