2013 Round 3 Silverstone

JJ`s Clean Sweep

Saturday morning JJ was out for free practice, the track was dry so JJ had 15 minutes to learn his craft as last year it was wet. JJ was quickest by just 0.163 of a second.

In the afternoon was qualifying. The track was now wet but with a dry line appearing, we put JJ on the dry tyres to see how they coped in these conditions but it was too wet, JJ pitted after 1 lap and the team swapped over to wet tyres. With the clock ticking JJ had to get on with it if he was to get pole of which he did on the next to last lap by 0.456 of a second.

Sunday morning bright and dry, JJ on pole which is on the outside of the grid. I think that its in the wrong place as the inside would be better for the first corner. I was right JJ had a good start but couldn’t quite get passed 2nd place man so they were side by side till turn two.  JJ was pushed wide and off the track, having to get back on circuit JJ lost speed and was down to 3rd. JJ kept his cool and used his skill to take 2nd place back by going round the outside at Copse Corner  –  a truly bold move.   Another lap into the 15 minute race and JJ was onto the leader, sat behind down the straight, then made his move down the inside at Copse, with a perfect text book overtaking pass for the lead of the race till the chequered flag. JJ won buy 6.873 seconds

Back to a wet Sunday afternoon for race 2. JJ on pole, got a good get away and led the race from start to finish, won by 5.477 seconds. Even leading and winning the race JJ had a problem getting the best line through turn 2 and felt that he was losing time on that part of the circuit. JJ said if he had got that corner dead right he would have got an even faster lap time by quarter of a second or if not more, but JJ did not try to correct the problem just in case of making a mistake and losing the race. A wise head on young shoulders and a perfect result for his championship chances.

JJ`s wet race pace was the quickest Daniels Motorsport race car of all.  Senior championship leader, Nicholas Bowers, was slower than JJ. JJ was only 0.183 of a second slower than the fastest senior

JJ`s keeps bagging the points with a point for pole, a point for fastest lap. 16 points for winning a total of 18 for 1 race.  So JJ got 36  valuable points from Silverstone. JJ  is now 22 points in front after drop scores so he has a race advantage and still 10 races to go.

Driver Car No Race1 pole fast R2 p f R3 P F R4 p F R5 P F R6 P F Total Drop
Hussain 1 10 11 X 13 9 10 53 44
Ross 4 16 1 1 16 1 1 16 1 1 X 1 1 16 1 1 16 1 1 92 76
Skriczka 8 11 10 X 16 13 14 64 54
Cox 11 12 14 X 14 12 13 65 53
Collingbourne 13 13 12 14 11 10 12 72 51
Higgs 34 X X X 12 X X 12 12
Reed 51 14 13 X X 14 9 50 50
Wilcox 88 X X X X 11 11 22 22
Thompson 8 8 8 8